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Chef Pastry Tomonari Kombu

  • 1981 Born in Fukui Prefecture.
  • 2004 Graduated from Nihon University School of Commerce.
  • 2006 Graduated from Tokyo Cookery College.
  • In the same year, got a base in Tokyo and mastered the foundation of French confectionery at AU BON VIEUX TEMPS.
  • After that he joined "Pierre Hermes Salon du Thé".
  • 2012 Went to France and learned Gateau Glasse and regional confectionery at the patisserie "Riedere" of the southern France under MOF (national best craftsmanship).
  • Afterwards in Paris, was in charge of dessert at the 2 stars restaurant "L'atelier du Joel Robuchon".
  • Worked for this brand from 2015.
  • Assumed a chef pastry in April, 2019.
  • His parents had been running a long-established Japanese confectionary store "KOMBUYA MAGOBEI" which continued from Tenmei 2 years.
  • Awarded the Maple Sweet Contest 2011.

Sous chef Pastry Shun Nagashima

  • 1990 Born in Niigata Prefectureture.
  • 2011 BGraduated from Nihon University School of Dietetics.
  • 2013 Graduated from the Japan Cake& College.
  • First, worked at Vienna confectionery "NASCHKATZE". Next at French Confectioney "Occitanial".
  • 2018 Placed in 12th Assiette Dessert competion.
  • In the same year,went to France and worked at "Restautant Au Trotthus".
  • Jul-21 Finally work at UN GRAIN.
  • Apr-21 Assumed a Sous chef Pastry.