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Gâteaux / Gâteaux Demi-Secs

. . . egg . . . wheat . . . milk . . . peanuts . . . Changes depending on ingredients used

. . . Carrying time less than 1 hour(within 30 minutes in summer)

  • P’tit Chololat

    P’tit Chololat

    Adult-oriented chocolate cake which is rich taste and fragrant.

    egg wheat milk
  • Jardin


    持ち歩き時間 1時間未満

    Bergamot, passion fruits and white chocolate cake.

    egg wheat milk
  • Lunettes


    Cake that the rare ripe plums combined with nuts are used.

    egg wheat milk peanuts
  • Héritage


    持ち歩き時間 1時間未満

    Cake looks for domestically produced bergamot’s charming point.

    egg wheat milk
  • Vert


    Pistachio cake with white chocolate,rasberry and tonka beans.

    egg wheat milk peanuts
  • Fleurette


    Mousse and compote of red fruits, with remon cream and lychee scent.

    egg wheat milk 落花生
  • Eté


    Cake imaged summer which feels exotic and oriental.

    egg wheat milk
  • Ma Chérie

    Ma Chérie

    Cake of red peach and white peach combined with lime scent and rasberry.

    egg wheat milk
  • Verrine Perle

    Verrine Perle

    Verrine which are coconut flavored tapioca,mango jelly and caramel mascarpone.

    egg milk
  • Féca


    Cake using the original blend with caramel and texture of nuts.

    egg wheat milk
  • Ange

    Tarte Fruits

    Seasonal fruit tarts

    egg wheat milk Changes depending on ingredients used
  • Tarte Agurumes

    Tarte Agrumes

    Tarte used wheat and lemon from Kochi prefecture

    egg wheat milk Changes depending on ingredients used
  • Figue Cassis

    Figue Cassis

    Cake using the fourth chocolate that is comfortable the acidity of cassis and the texture of figs

    egg wheat milk
  • Ange


    Carrying time less than 1 hour

    Unbaked cheesecake using fromage blanc from France

    egg wheat milk
  • Harmonie


    Harmonious cakes of pistachio, chocolate, and Rasberry

    egg wheat milk
  • Succés Inversé

    Succés Inversé

    A "Succés" is traditional sweets have roasting nats aroma. Made it us own version.

    egg milk
  • Casino


    arrying time less than 1 hour

    French traditional sweets with an accent of Kirsch

    egg wheat milk
  • Souvenirs


    Japanese plum, mango and rosemary cake.

    egg wheat milk
  • Récolt Marron

    Récolt Marron

    Chestnut mousse with bergamot, pear and pistachio.

    egg wheat milk
  • Cake Citron

    Cake Citron

    Lemon gelly cake used citron confit and fresh fruits.

    egg wheat milk
  • Cake Fruits

    Cake Fruits

    Fruit cake used plenty of 7 types fruit confit.

    egg wheat milk
  • Philo Pistache

    Philo Pistache

    Confectionery of pistachio cream and cherry wrapped in filo.

    egg wheat milk
  • Pain d´êpice

    Pain d´êpice

    Spice cake used dried fruits stewed with red wine.

    egg wheat milk
  • Macaron Abricot

    Macaron Abricot

    Coconut macaroon of apricot cream with pink pepper.

    egg milk
  • Ecossais


    Traditional sweets wrapped in almond dough at chocolate dough.

    egg wheat milk
  • Gourmandise


    Tahitian vanilla and star anise flavored cake with homemade hazelnuts praline.

    egg wheat milk peanuts
  • Café Cardamome

    Café Cardamome

    Roasted nuts and coffee cake with cardamon.

    egg wheat milk peanuts

Gâteaux secs / Confiseries / Confitures

. . . egg . . . wheat . . . milk . . . peanuts . . . Changes depending on ingredients used

. . . Undeliverable

  • Pâte de Fruits Passion Abricot

    Pâte de Fruits Passion Abricot

    Passion fruit & Apricot’s jelly

  • Pâte de Fruits Litchi Rose

    Pâte de Fruits Litchi Rose

    Lychee & Rose fruits jelly

  • Sablé Citron

    Sablé Citron

    Crunchy lemon cookies

    egg wheat milk
  • Neige Vanille

    Neige Vanille

    Vanilla & Pecan nuts snowball cookies

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Thé Bergamote

    Sablé Thé Bergamote

    Cokkies of Japanese black tea with scent of bergamot

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Café

    Sablé Café

    Cokkies using the original blend dough, making use of scent and richness

    egg wheat milk
  • Florentin Café

    Florentin Café

    Coffee's tasty almond florentin

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Epicés

    Sablé Epicés

    Five spices and millet sugar flavored cookies

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Erable

    Sablé Erable

    Cookies using maple sugar of 100% purity

    egg wheat milk
  • Allumette Fromag

    Allumette Fromage

    Salted pies with plenty of Gruyere cheese

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Cannelle

    Sablé Cannelle

    Framboise confiture sanded by cinnamon cookies

    egg wheat milk
  • Galette Bretonne

    Galette Bretonne

    Traditional sweets from Brittany region in which butter was abundantly used

    egg wheat milk
  • Kipferl


    The Austrian traditional sweets characterize by the crescent shape and crumbly mouthfeel

    egg wheat milk
  • Viennois Chocolat

    Viennois Chocolat

    The vienna style chocolate cookie with melt-in-the-mouth feeling

    egg wheat milk
  • Baton Marechaux

    Baton Marechaux

    The traditional sweets which sand gianduja with meringue of almonds

    egg milk
  • Diamant Vanille

    Diamant Vanille

    The vanilla cookie which shines like a diamond.

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Orange

    Sablé Orange

    Cookies sandwiched with bitter orange cream

    wheat milk peanuts
  • Macadamia Provençal

    Macadamia Provençal

    The salty taste macadamia nuts with provencal style herbs

  • Framboise Epicé

    Framboise Epicé

    Rasberry confiture sanded by spices cookies

    egg wheat milk
  • Sablé Thé Cacao

    Sablé Thé Cacao

    Cokkies using cocoa powder of Peru and Japanese BENIFUKI tea

    egg wheat milk
  • Galette Bretonne Chocolat

    Galette Bretonne Chocolat

    Cookies using butter and sour chocolate,impressed refreshing orange peel

    egg wheat milk
  • Amande Chocolat

    Amande Chocolat

    Caramelized of Marcona almond with chocolate and cocoa powder

  • Noisette Chocolat

    Noisette Chocolat

    Caramelized of hazelnut with milk chocolate and praline powder

  • Début d'été

    Début d'été

    Jam of strawberry,grousey and mint

  • Provençal


    Compote of rosemary and apricot

  • Guimauve Framboise

    Guimauve Framboise

    Marshmallow of rasberry

  • Guimauve Passion Abricot

    Guimauve Passion Abricot

    Marshmallow of Apricot and passion fruit

  • Meringue Framboise

    Meringue Framboise

    Framboise of Passion fruit



Box for 6pieces and 12pieces are made so that the contents can be seen at a glance.
Moreover, we designed it vertically so as not to take up space in the refrigerator when storing it.
In addition, there is also a simple box for 3 pieces for home use.



<Café Gourmand>

Mignardises (2 or 3 pieces) at the store and a drink set

café gourmand

<Quantity limited one plate dessert>

Chef's whimsical dessert with seasonal ingredients.
※ There are restrictions on the sale date and number depending on the time of purchasing ingredients.

Quantity limited one plate dessert


<Assortiment Premier>

Canned cookie assortment exclusive to UN GRAIN members.
Please contact our store in advance.
※ Not available in summer.

image of cuisine image of package

<Chef's Counter>

Enjoy an unforgettable experience of seasonal dessert course menu served by our chef pattisier.
Reservation in advance required.

Chef’s counter schedule will be announced on our members limited LINE account firstly and then on our Facebook and Instagram.
Reservation only available on phone.

COMMANDE SPÉCIALE / TRAITEUR Special order / catering

<Special order>

We also accept custom-made items such as original cakes, weddings and corporate gifts.

Special order


we are also offering catering services to new product launches and reception parties.

Reception party