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Gâteaux / Gâteaux Demi-Secs

. . . egg . . . wheat . . . milk . . . peanuts . . . Changes depending on ingredients used

*A list of specific allergenic ingredients

. . . Carrying up to 1 hour (30 minutes during the summer)

  • Neuf Chocolats

    Neuf Chocolats

    Elegant and rich chocolate cake made mainly with chocolate combined with Assam, spices and bananas.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Les Liens

    Les Liens

    持ち歩き時間 1時間未満

    A gorgeous, rich, aromatic cake combining bergamot from Kochi Prefecture with Japanese black tea and ginger.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Harmonie


    Pistachio, chocolate and raspberry cakes in harmony

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Ange


    持ち歩き時間 1時間未満

    Rare cheese cake with fromage blanc

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Voile


    Light chocolate cake inspired by the fabreton, a pastry from Brittany, France

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Tarte Fruits

    Tarte Fruits

    Tarte aux fruits de saison

    卵 小麦 乳 仕様食材により変更
  • Pistache Rose

    Pistache Rose

    A cake with the richness of pistachios and the tartness of rhubarb and raspberry, with a sublime rose aroma.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Figue Cassis

    Figue Cassis

    Cake with a fourth chocolat that has a pleasantly sour taste of blackcurrant and texture of figs.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Féca


    Made with Un Grain's blend of coffee. Delightful cake with caramel flavor and nutty texture.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Fraise Jasmin

    Fraise Jasmin

    持ち歩き時間 1時間未満

    Cake with elegant and gorgeous aroma of jasmine combined with fruity jellies of red fruits

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Lumière


    Tea and cream cheese mousse cake with fresh aroma of bergamot and passion fruit.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Rouge


    A beautiful red cake made with hibiscus tea and fruit rouge.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Abricot Fromage

    Abricot Fromage

    Cake with cream cheese and homemade apricot paste

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Ecossais


    Traditional pastry with almond dough wrapped in chocolate dough

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Gourmandise


    Aromatic and luxurious cake with homemade praline noisette in a dough made with Tahiti vanilla and star anise.

    卵 小麦 乳 落花生
  • Cake Ananas

    Cake Ananas

    Cake with a gorgeous aroma of jasmine, tartness of pineapple and citrusy notes of timut pepper.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Cake Orange

    Cake Orange

    All parts are made with orange-based ingredients, allowing you to simply taste the flavor of orange.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Cake Banane

    Cake Banane

    Banana and peanut cake accented with black sesame seeds

    卵 小麦 乳 落花生

Gâteaux secs / Confiseries / Confitures

. . . egg . . . wheat . . . milk . . . Changes depending on ingredients used

*A list of specific allergenic ingredients

. . . Undeliverable

  • Amande Salée

    Amande Salée

    Spicy salty savory skinned almonds

  • Allumette Fromage

    Allumette Fromage

    Salty pie with lots of Gruyère cheese

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Carré Italien

    Carré Italien


    Salty snacks combining dried tomatoes, dried basil, and cheese

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Epicé

    Sablé Epicé

    Cookies flavored with five spices and millet sugar

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Erable

    Sablé Erable

    Cookies made with 100% pure maple sugar

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Cacahuète

    Sablé Cacahuète

    Aromatic Chiba peanuts sandwiched together with a rich praline amand

    卵 小麦 乳 落花生
  • Sablé Cacao

    Sablé Cacao

    Sablet with a rich chocolate kneading and a delightful texture that allows you to directly feel the flavor of cacao.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Cannelle

    Sablé Cannelle

    Raspberry confiture sandwiched between cinnamon cookies

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Café

    Sablé Café

    Original blend is directly kneaded in to bring out the aroma and richness of the sablefish.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Citron

    Sablé Citron

    A sable with a fresh lemon flavor. The sweet and sour lemon sugar coating also accents the texture.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Thé Bergamote

    Sablé Thé Bergamote

    Japanese black tea sablet with bergamot flavor

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Sablé Vanille

    Sablé Vanille

    A vanilla sable made with whole pods of Tahiti vanilla for a rich vanilla flavor

    小麦 乳
  • Neige Vanille

    Neige Vanille

    Cookies with crispy dough and pecan nut texture, layered with vanilla flavor.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Palet Breton

    Palet Breton

    A thick baked sable originated in Brittany.
    Accented with a subtle saltiness from the use of French coarse salt.

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Florentin Café

    Florentin Café

    Almond Florentine with coffee flavor

    卵 小麦 乳
  • Macadamia Provençal

    Macadamia Provençal

    Salted macadamia nuts with Provencal herbs

  • Meringue Framboise

    Meringue Framboise

    Crispy, mouthwatering meringue with raspberry juice concentrate

  • Pâte de Fruits Passion Abricot

    Pâte de Fruits Passion Abricot

    Juicy passion fruit and apricot puree slowly simmered


Box for 6pieces and 12pieces are made so that the contents can be seen at a glance.
Moreover, we designed it vertically so as not to take up space in the refrigerator when storing it.
In addition, there is also a simple box for 3 pieces for home use.



<Café Gourmand>

Mignardises (2 pieces) at the store and a drink set

café gourmand 2 pieces and a drink set

Mignardises (3 pieces) at the store and a drink set

café gourmand 2 pieces and a drink set

<Quantity limited one plate dessert>

Chef's whimsical dessert with seasonal ingredients.
※ There are restrictions on the sale date and number depending on the time of purchasing ingredients.

Quantity limited one plate dessert


<Assortiment Premier Ⅱ>

This is a special assortment with 12 varieties of baked sweets exclusively for the members: 6 kinds of popular biscuits in the store and 6 limited varieties only available in this tin.

Some biscuits have been renewed in November 2023 and this special tin becomes available all year round.

We have some ready in the store, however, if you’d like to order a lot, please contact the store.

image of cuisine image of package

<Chef's Counter>

Chef is making a couese dessert in front of guests.
We change the theme every time, we are preparing delicate dessert which can be tasted only with dining space.
※It's appointment only.Details of schedule etc. are published on Facebook.
Please make a reservation by phone.

COMMANDE SPÉCIALE / TRAITEUR Special order / catering

<Special order>

We also accept custom-made items such as original cakes, weddings and corporate gifts.

Special order


we are also offering catering services to new product launches and reception parties.

Reception party